Dani Gherca - A Diagram of Periphery

Dani Gherca – A Diagram of Periphery

Keywords: Memories, Bucharest, Removed, Expectation, Confused, Communism, Neighbourhood, Alteration, Forgetting, Disquiet, Release, Stray Dogs, Uncertain Dreams, Understanding, Isolation. 2013. 18 color images

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“Trough photography I am trying to clarify to myself why some contingencies that I live cause me negative emotions, how this reactions are triggered and what is the relationship between rational and emotional. I am using the photography as an interment to understand if my anxiety emotions are triggered by actual events or by the cultural interpretation that I have on those events.

Photography is a virtual dimension of life. It brings in front of the viewer a sequence embodied in a passed time. It is a form of memory that puts the viewer in touch with the past but, in the same time, imaginatively it can change the meaning of that sequence. It arises as a dialectic between the real and the imaginary. As in Plato’s theory of forms, for me photography is what helps me to distinguish between these two dimensions (the sensory perception and the mythical one) and understand which of the two is a priori.

The structure of the statement takes in the form of Keywords. These words are traces left by the need that I felt when I took the photos. The Keywords are the bridge between photography the viewer and my own need to know myself through photography.
The Keywords must be perceived as a maze and in particular each keyword should be considered a path that leads the viewer to the essence of the project. Isolated one from each other these keywords lose significance. Only considered together they get to act as a body that helps the viewer to understand the approach of the photographer and further build their own interpretation.”

More images and other interesting series on danigherca.weebly.com. Dani Gherca (b. 1988) “lives in Bucharest and works in Romania”.