Instagrammers in series

Instagrammers in series

First, I must say that I love Instagram and everyday I post a photo there from the ones that I take that day or the day before! I’m not posting from the places where I take the photo, I like to enjoy my walking more than socialize with my phone. Instagram is like a magic photo album in your pocket that you can open every three hours and every time the content it’s different. I enjoy looking on photos more than posting them and lately I started to enjoy looking (stalking) for hashtags. In the last days I discovered some photographers that have used their phone to compile small photoprojects/series on different themes. Here is what I found.


Somebody is “capturing the beautiful and classic cars of London” and make them public on CarsLondon account and I found a new user, big fan of VW, that publish transporters that sees on the streets, especially in Berlin.


Then I found Veronica with her feet on an every day photo.


A viral project with legs has been created by Stacey Baker, a photographer who posted her first photo of women’s legs on Instagram one year ago and now, there are 500+ photos into the series and more than 22,000 fans and followers. Read an interview with her on LensCulture.

A great project idea on Instagram is to have multiple users. New Yorker Photo Booth and Burn Diary are two good examples.

© Erin Trieb for New Yorker Photo Booth

© Diana Markosian for Burn Diary

Also in the photo-journalism area I have to feature Владимир Радивојевић‘s work from Serbia.

One of my favorite Instagrammers from Berlin is Alina Rudya who I discovered on Burn Diary and she recently began a nice project called Berlin Beutel. “Berliners love their beutels or simply canvas totebags with pictures, ironic statements and supermarket logos. Beutels are not only comfortable, easy to wear and spacious – they are also a fashion statement of their owners. The amount of beutels per square meter rises in the hipster-flooded districts of Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Starting from today I will give you one beutel a day, together with their owners.” Follow Alina, #BerlinBeutel hashtag and her stories!

One of my favorite Romanian Instagram hashtag story is Mihai Lungeanu’s: “With no intention whatsoever I took pictures of my lover while she got into the car. Now, 4 months* later I realized that I have quite a few pics, so I decided to share. I named the collection ‪#‎wondoorful‬ as it involves her in the door and my Instagram profile is the place to find them all. With Tammy Joanna” *this text was written in December 2013. See below a screen shot and follow #wondoorful‬.


The best thing about making photos with your phone is that you make them very quick, easy and you can share them instantly with people from your social networks. Because of this fast way of point, shoot and share, we discovered some new things around us that we never thought of as photos. Like circles or chewing gum.





Let us know about other great Instagrammers who have #hashtag stories or some simply series or projects on their accounts. Phone-photography only, please.