Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds

Bogdan Boghitoi – Artworlds

At some point in my life, one of my favorite weekend pastimes was frequenting art museums, and I realized that the they had something more to offer than the works on display. Museums hold one of the preeminent roles in creating what the philosopher Arthur Danto called “the artworld”. The term, which has enjoyed for the last five decades a hefty career, could be taken to name a distinct realm, where mere material objects get to be included as artworks, thus acceding to a new status, by the means of the attitudes, theories and institutions that define the relationships of people with the work of art.  I tried to capture this interaction between the humans and the work of art at its most basic level, the attitude-laden physical encounter, that is the starting point of this redefining process, where the materiality of the object is still present, while its trajectory towards a new ontological status becomes visible too.” – Bogdan Boghitoi

Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 01 Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 02 Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 03 Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 04 Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 05 Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 06 Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 07 Bogdan Boghitoi - Artworlds 08

Artworks inside a museum. People looking at art in the museum. People looking at people looking at art. People looking at the photographer taking photos inside the museum. Photographer looking at people looking at art.

Inside Artworlds people and art coexist and clash, they live and evolve together, have interesting conversations, transform and complete each other. A small ever-changing microcosmos… with an admission fee.

You can see other series from Bogdan’s portfolio at his website

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