Silviu Pavel - Summer Season

Silviu Pavel – Summer Season

“After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the small fishing village of Vama Veche – the last Romanian beach at the border with Bulgaria – transformed into a “free zone” for an entire rebel generation. A new community was rapidly formed as bohemian teenagers landed with their backpacks and tents; long hair, rock music, nudism, and an overarching sense of freedom soon reigned. An idealistic identity formed at Vama Veche amongst people seeking a more liberating vacation experience closer to nature than typical Romanian seaside resorts.

Over time, Vama Veche has become widely known for its unique atmosphere: songs promoting the place have been written, concerts organized, and tourist options expanded. Currently, Vama Veche is the second-most popular seaside resort in Romania, but the qualities that once made it edgy and free have begun to seem commonplace. The spirit of the place is in constant flux, just as the views of those who try to describe it. Vama Veche is now regarded with disappointment by those nostalgic for the past, but also with enthusiasm by young people excited to live the unique experience that it still has to offer.

‘Summer Season’ is a collection of photographs capturing moments from Vama Veche while maintaining a neutral stance on the changes that are taking place. I’m going to Vama Veche for more than 10 years, but just in the recent 3 years I decided to take a small film camera with me. Over time many of the known places have disappeared. People also have changed. I think there are just a few favorable moments in a lifetime to do certain things, and if you want to come back later it is simply impossible; there is no room for enthusiasm. The images do not pursue a specific topic and do not claim the objectivity required by a documentary approach. Rather they constitute themselves as a personal log about what was happening around me. They are not just my memories, but collective memories of all those who have lived with enthusiasm at some point the atmosphere of Vama Veche as I did. ”

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“More images and short articles can be seen on a blog ( which I created together with a good friend. This project remains ongoing.” – Silviu Pavel. You can also follow Silviu’s works on Foto Visura and on Facebook.