Omri Talmor - Sites of Memory

Omri Talmor – Sites of Memory

“My father was born in the small village of Bucecea which is located in Moldavia, a region in the northeastern part of Romania. In 1964, when he was just 12 years old, my father’s family migrated to Israel. My mother spent her childhood years in the village of Kfar Truman (also known as Truman Village). This village is located in central Israel, 15 km from the city of Tel Aviv. Ness Ziona is a growing city in central Israel, but back in the 80s it was just a small town where I spent most of my childhood days.

During the course of the last two years I took upon myself a complicated task of tracing my family’s roots. I was eager to find out what has become of the childhood landscapes that we still long for so much after all those years. I can honestly say that going back to those places truly felt like I was finally returning home from a very long journey.” – Omri Talmor


Abandoned water tower, Truman Village, Israel


City Park, Vatra Dornei, Romania


Rishonim Elementary School – The school I went to as a kid, Ness Ziona, Israel


The school my father went to as a kid, Bucecea, Romania


Tel Aviv Street, Ness Ziona, Israel


Garage, Moldavia, Romania


Abandoned water pumping facility, Truman Village, Israel


Viscri, Romania


Weizmann Street, Ness Ziona, Israel


Abandoned house, Bicaz, Romania


Rishonim Elementary School – The school I went to as a kid, Ness Ziona, Israel


Public toilets, Viscri, Romania


Bus stop, Truman Village, Israel


Train station, Bucecea, Romania


The Great Synagogue, Ness Ziona, Israel

More images from Sites of Memory on where you can also find his interesting self-published photography books. Omri Talmor (b. 1980) is born in Bat-Yam, Israel and he lives and works in Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut and Jerusalem. He visited Romania in April 2012, “first time ever in Romania and I really enjoyed myself there”. He hopes for another visit soon and I wish we could meet in person.