Ulf Fagelhammar - The Institute

Ulf Fagelhammar – The Institute

“The Institute derives from the inner need to express what is going in on in our minds it is a reflection of the real world consequently it is in great parts about absurdity. The Institute is not for the fancy galleries or the high profile publishers. The Institute is for the public walls, the secret bookshops and for a tormented humanity. The Institute is unpredictable as life itself.” – Ulf Fagelhammar


Not another close shave in the snow: “to make it cheaper to hire, we want to reduce social security contributions, both in general and through targeted interventions.

Ulf Fagelhammar - The Institute confusion

There are no mirrors here. There are only secret passages, Potemkin villages, dead ends and so much confusion.


Will she ever get used to the bright and fake colors of The Institute?

Ulf Fagelhammar - The Institute horror

The Institute’s existence depends on its ability to produce myths and disinformation. All citizens are ordered to buy TV-sets, smartphones, computers etc. You can watch Drama, Horror, Comedy, SciFi, and a whole lot of awesome.

Ulf Fagelhammar - The Institute frozen001

Every man and woman is a universe. Every story counts. I return to the Frozen zone, looking for signs of human activity. The Institute is watching, checking for outlaws, rebels and stray dogs.

Ulf Fagelhammar - The Institute production

The Institute doesn’t own any factories, instead it works with independent suppliers who manufacture the products. Customers must feel confident that the products are made with the utmost consideration for people and the environment.

Ulf Fagelhammar - The Institute spokespersons

The Institute prefers to use spokespersons or figureheads when communicating with the citizens. Celebrities are sought after but even if the spokespersons are not famous, they must have a media appeal, an interesting story to tell and excellent communications skills.

”There are constantly people sitting there and watching me. I don’t know who you are but The Institute assures me that it will be handled in a trusted manner.” The Institute is a metaphor. It can be anything or anyone, it can be seen or felt, it can be visible or hidden. It’s opened to interpretation as long as there are people ready to defy it, ready to test its strength and break its barriers.  

The Institute is a global submission-based photo project gathering photographers from around the world. Ulf Fagelhammar is a photographer and curator, he lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the founder and editor of 591 Photography (2008-2013), founder and editor of The Institute (2013 -).

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