Zines of the zone #20 in Bucharest!

Zines of the zone #20 in Bucharest!

ZINES OF THE ZONE is a mobile library dedicated to selfpublished photobooks, photozines, and any DIY printed matter related to photography. Our aim is to create a European network and generate a public collection out of these alternative practices. We will be travelling throughout Europe from the beginning of 2014 in order to collect and show books at the same time.



The photobook phenomenon is increasing and becoming trendy: more and more photographers and graphic designers explore its possibilities, more and more galleries and collectors are attracted by these objects. As these objects are limited in their edition and as they are sold at a fair price, they appear to be quickly sold out – and for that reason, out of reach, hard to find.
Considering this, we started to think about the idea of creating a library.

Our aim is to create a public collection so that anybody can have a look at this printed matter, whether it is sold out or not. This collection would act like a memory, a permanent place for the these quite-ephemeral objects : a place where the books continue to live, give inspiration, be manipulated. We consider self-publishing as a practise of its own, and it deserves to be shared.



In order to give a start to this library, we are going to be on tour.

We will be travelling throughout Europe from january to june 2014, in order to meet people involved into the self-publishing scene : photographers, independent publishing houses, specialized bookshops, etc. We want to get a deep understanding of how is self-publishing considered in Europe, who are the makers and why do they make DIY printed objects.

In each city / step of the tour, we organize a pop-up event: we show the collected objects, and try to collect new ones. In some places, we are also organizing events such as: lectures, workshops, debates, and DJs sets.

All along our way, we will also work on a blog, a « road diary » in which we will post pictures of people we meet and present their project.


The TOUR EVENT #20 will be held in Bucharest, on Friday, March 28th – from 6pm @ Dianei 4. There is no entry fee and at the one day exhibition there will be photozines, fanzines, and self-published photobooks, also video projection. Zines of the zone is a project by Association MUTINERIE based in Nantes, France. ZINES OF THE ZONE is supported by: European Commission ( Agence Française du Programme Européen Jeunesse en Action), Ville de Nantes, 8. You can find them on www.zinesofthezone.net, blog and Facebook.