Gustavo Sagorsky - Sonia

Gustavo Sagorsky – Sonia

“Things tend to sound better in French, but in this case, the French phrase captures something that simply cannot be translated into English.  Une Histoire d’amour, this phrase haunted me when looking at the photographs of Sonia, taken by her husband, photographer Gustavo Sagorsky. It means ‘a love story’, but also ‘a history of love.’ In the works, Sonia appears in various poses, various situations, in different age and mood. In the same manner that her image is diverse, so is the photographic technique that is used – some images are snapshots, some are in black and white and others are in color. The quality of the photograph and the lighting changes, as though Sonia and the world change simultaneously and in coordination. What hardly changes however is the gaze that is set upon her. It is an intimate, loving gaze that keeps reappearing in the images. In most images Sonia looks straight at the camera, but even when she doesn’t it seems quite clear that she is aware of the gaze that is set upon her; aware of the presence, not of the camera as an ‘intrusion’, but of her loving husband. She lends herself to the lens, but she does not surrender to it, and is not captured by the image.” – Extract from Liat Lavi text “Histoire d’amour”

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Gustavo Sagorsky (b. 1975) is a photographer from Argentina living and working in West Jerusalem, Israel. Since 2007 he also teaches photography at the Photography Department from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design. ”I believe that art can wake up senses and sensations that lie dormant due to the tremendous power of superficiality, speed and information overload. I try to stimulate the little receptors that are lost in the noise and everyday hustle.” – extract from the artist statement.

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