Michele Bressan – Familar Views

Michele Bressan – Familar Views

Every time I would visit my godparents as a kid, it happened all the time to visit their balcony, to see their views from every window and to be fascinated about it. They have this view to a big lake, during the summer it was fascinated to feel the warmth of the neighborhood and during the winter it was full of skaters on the lake with or without ice-skates. For them, that view was familiar. For me it was like a science fiction movie from that 10th floor balcony.

Michele Bressan was born in Trieste, Italy, 1980 and from 1993 he lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated the Romanian Univerity of Arts in 2012 and I discovered his works when I worked as a layout designer for Art Clue Magazine (website reference). I had to layout the ”vita, morte e miracoli” project and the images were all impressive, it was hard to decide for the cover of the article. After a while I rediscovered his work through Andreea Cioran and I featured Waiting for the Drama series on Oitzarisme. In 2012, Michele redesigned and updated his website with new projects and I had to feature theWellness series on Oitzarisme, a series about aspects of the Romanian post-communist reality. The latest project, Familar Views, started in 2012 and is on going.

Constantin Nimigean

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The series presents a border, a relation marked by a dual interpretation. In the last few years I became interested in landscapes, in interpreting them as a common view, watching intimate sceneries come out of our everyday visual background. Every place is, or could be, someone’s landscape, so I tried to cut out the very specific.

Familiar views documents what one sees daily, with windows drawing the boundary between two pictures, one containing the other. This construction, of both interior and landscape, lets the viewer choose his side of the paired everyday tableau. Which perspective is more intimate, in this layered voyeurism? The one portraying the apartments’s interior, or the look out the window? It could be both, as the two layers blend, in what i call assimilated reality. One we tend not to observe anymore, swallowed and covered by the visual routine.

The project started in 2012 and is ongoing. All the images were realized in Bucharest.

Michele Bressan

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Other interesting projects on www.michelebressan.ro and on the artist’s Facebook Page. Michele Bressan is represented by Jecza Gallery and H’art Gallery.