Voicu Bojan – Dad: His Last Schoolday

Voicu Bojan – Dad: His Last Schoolday

That day was supposed to be glorious. But nothing really happened except the fact that my dad felt a little embarassed as an intensely photographed star. (about seven Kodak Tri-X films). After 40 years of teaching Romanian language, Grammar, Latin and other things, his career ended quite serene. In June, 2011 my dad was closing to his 70s. Now he’s a lovely retired man. He teaches my kids to write correctly. His name is Dragomir Bojan.

Many thanks to Oskar School of Documentary Photography for the help in editing this story.

Voicu Bojan

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The rest of the series can be seen on Diafragma9?s journal. Voicu Bojan lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He took his first photo back in 1979 and then he forgot about it for the next twenty years. Today, he is making his living reading and writing. He’s also a freelance photographer, journalist and storyteller. You can find out more on www.voicubojan.com.