Jennifer Kaczmarek – Les Enfants

Jennifer Kaczmarek – Les Enfants

“For me, the greatest inspiration lies in the mystery of their being.”


 Through the process of documenting my three children, I am able to both witness their evolution and capture those specific moments that lead me to feel that I am discovering something new about them. Often their quiet stares tell a story way beyond their young years, giving a glimpse into their future of what is yet to come. There are parallels between these notions and the scenarios that I choose to capture them in; they seem to say a lot about myself, my past and my fears. This work will continue as long as my children will allow me into their private spaces.

Jeniffer Kaczmarek

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More images on Jennifer Kaczmarek is a freelance photographer available for commissioned work, originally from South Florida she currently resides in Palm Coast, Florida with her husband Neil and three children; Bella, Chloe’, and Jack. “My photographs are not traditionally perfect – they are defined by what moves me, and by what I see as beautiful. My definition of beauty is rare, pure, and flawed. For I am not perfect and I am drawn to the uniqueness that exists among us.” Blog:

logoJennifer Kaczmarek is the Founder/President of Taking Focus, Inc., a non-profit based on documentary photography. “The core of our organization centers on the documentary process. We are creating visual diaries, allowing viewers to have a window into the world of others. On a greater level, we hope our organization will help people connect and to be inspired by the idea of what an impact we can make on someone else’s life. We hope you will join us in making a difference.”