Silviu Răcheriu – Sat 2.0

Silviu Răcheriu – Sat 2.0


Did you ever stop to wonder if there are any places left where Sunday clothes still matter? Could this be the last version of the Romanian village?

The Paideuma of the Romanian village seems to have faded a long time ago; the dawn is no longer awaited. The bulldozers are tearing the village apart, making room for new buildings outside of time. It seems that what now is has lost connection with what once was.

The memory of our grandparents easily fades away with each passing day, houses cry waiting for their return. The youth is gone and the village is almost empty. We refuse to remember the sources and resources of what we have now become. The village’s world, the village, the villagers are attributes so rarely used now. Along with these values we forget our own values. The traditions convince us so little that we refuse to look upon what’s natural. The village is deserted, unused, unloved. We put it in opposition with the city, as if the two were actually the same.

The real value of the village remains intrinsically dedicated to traditions and history. That is where the sap lies. Village 2.0.

Silviu Răcheriu

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More images on Silviu Racheriu’s website Silviu was born in 1986 and he’s a freelancer photographer from Bucharest.

“Photography has a huge role in my life: it is a vital way in which I communicate & express myself. I feel that it represents the only way that can help me stop time. Even though it’s the shortest artistic act, it’s my way of sharing pure, unaltered emotions. Photography is my only long-term relationship where the butterflies grow & multiply themselves every single day; the chemistry isn’t lost as time passes by and the flame just keeps on burning. It’s such a tremendous fortune to be able to speak a language that every human being can understand, cause the soul is the only translator you ever really need.”