M. Sharkey – Queer Kids

“There is something confrontational about the term “queer” but it is also an inclusive term. It encompasses a lot of gender identity issues that I think kids are dealing with today and that is interesting to me.”




Queer Kids project began in March of 2006 and so far I photographed and interviewed about 100 kids from all across the United States. Almost all of the interviews of the project are done on video. At first it was just the most expedient way for me to record the conversation but now the video has become it’s own thing. Initially, I went through an organization we have here called GLSEN or “Glisten” which stands for the Gay & Lesbian Student Education Network. They deal with implementing GSA’s (Gay-Straight Alliance) in American high schools. Eventually I just searched for subjects on MySpace. Now, because of the wide recognition of the project, kids (or sometimes their parents) contact me.

M. Sharkey









More images and other interesting projects on M. Sharkey’s website. This article is published in collaboration with SUB25, you can read an interview with M. Sharkey on their website (in Romanian).

M. Sharkey is a portrait photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. A graduate in literature and music from Bennington College, he moved to NYC in 1995 studying film & photography at Tisch and The School of Visual Arts. In 2000 and 2001 he traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he curated a series of exhibitions on the work of New York and Arab photographers. Mr. Sharkey is pursuing a number of photographic projects including a series documenting gay youth in America.