LOVE ISSUE #7 should be on paper!



The Story in Brief

Some two years ago, we created a digital magazine: LOVE ISSUE. Its first six issues were exclusively published online. We would like to publish Issue #7 in print. We’ve got the concept, the contents, and a nineteen-page sample (plus the cover). The theme of the issue is (In)dependence and it contains eight articles, photography projects, already-published and previously unpublished stories. Some of the artists inside are Rankin, one of the founders of the Dazed and Confused and AnOther magazines, with a project born out of a game; Yaakov Israel, with ‘The quest for the man on the white donkey’, his latest project about the Israeli identity; Alexandra Dinca, with a project about natural childbirth; Claudiu Popescu with his ongoing project on local bachelors; Ioana Cîrlig with her much talked-about project on women in the Târgsor penitentiary; Tamara Robeer, on how her Dutch father fell in love with a young lady in Eforie.

Want a Copy?

It costs 30 RON, a price which includes LOVE ISSUE #7, free postage and packaging in Romania and many thanks in the pages of the magazine. Only we don’t have the money needed to publish it, so we’re asking you to purchase the magazine in advance. Pay now, help our idea live on, and receive the magazine the second it’s published. We know it sound idealistic, but maybe it’s not. After all, we only need to find 500 people who love printed media and photography. We can do it, right?

So What Happens if We Don’t Make It?

If we don’t manage to come up with enough money to print by the end of October, we’ll return the money in full to those who have made a contribution, and the magazine will be exclusively published online.

How Can You Help?

– via PayPal at – the equivalent of 30RON in either EUR or USD (if you live outside Romania, postage and packaging will be paid according to the tariffs of the Romanian Postal Service);
– via bank transfer – Constantin Nimigean – RO18INGB0000999901788782 – my IBAN (ING Bank) bank account number, where you can make the transfer;
– through a donation to an NGO – via the Brain Fitness Cultural Association, the people behind the editing and coordination of the printed creative writing magazine Revista de Povestiri (The Story Magazine) – with an email beforehand for all the necessary details;
– other options – email me your suggestions.

A nineteen-page preview with several images and one text material can be sampled below:

Thank you and share my thoughts with your friends! Have a wonderful week-end!