Myriam Meloni – Limousine Portena



One year ago I met Jhonni, driver and proprietor of an electric blue limousine in Buenos Aires. This 40-year-old Colombian, previously a tennis coach and gym owner, left it all behind when offered the chance to buy this 1972 Ford Fairlane. To its eight seats, four doors and cream leather interior, Jhonni has added a table, a hefty sound system and a horn that simulates the sound of a mewling cat. For the last ten years Jhonni has offered his services for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, wedding celebrations or simply city tours.

I started taking pictures of people who rented the limo, to explore a limited space in which many diverse things can happen. Between drunken, striptease, tears and laughter, the limousine is transformed into the scenario of ordinary people that use the dark tinted windows to release their fantasies and their transgression, under the curiosity of passersby.

More than superstars, the people I shared the limo with were everyday types: romantic boyfriends, middle class office workers pretending to be rock stars for a night, and 30-something-year-olds celebrating their bachelor party.

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More images and other interesting projects on Myriam Meloni’s website. Myriam Meloni (b. 1980) is an Italian photographer actually based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Law degree from the University of Bologna, specializing in criminology and penal execution in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She approaches to photography completing the three-years-course in Fotografic Institut de Catalunya (IEFC). After moving to Argentina, she specializes in photojournalism and documentary in the Association of Graphic Reporters of Argentina (ARGRA) and participates to severals workshops. She has been focusing her work in social contemporary issue, with a very intimate approach. She is currently working as freelance photojournalist and collaborating with various national and internacional media.