Tim Mitchell - Clothing Recycled

Tim Mitchell – Clothing Recycled

The new Ghora Mandir (Horse Temple) in a New Delhi suburb, where over forty thousand Waghri people live. Originally from Gujarat, many of them recycle Indian clothing. The higher quality clothing will be sold further afield. This Waghri couple deal…

Livia Lazar - Ro?ia Montana

Livia Lazar – Ro?ia Montana

According to a recent report by the Romanian Ministry for Agriculture and Forests, the mining project implies the deforestation of 700 ha of forests and pastures covered with forests.

Stefan Jora - The Gay Families Project

Stefan Jora – The Gay Families Project

For The Gay Families Project, Stefan Jora is producing a photobook featuring American families with parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ). Stefan has been working on this project since 2009, and has thus far photographed…

?tefan Tuchila - Ultimul Etaj

?tefan Tuchila – Ultimul Etaj

?tefan Tuchila s-a urcat pe 80 de cladiri ?i a facut câteva mii de fotografii cu Bucure?tiul: un proiect de cercetare urbana, o cartare urbana metodica ?i spectaculoasa. ?i un suport pentru memoria unui ora? care se reînfiin?eaza permanent. ©…

Vlad Gayraud - From dawn, dust till dusk

Vlad Gayraud – From dawn, dust till dusk

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