Amy Touchette – Us



Us is a collection of people — related and unrelated — who conjoin by adopting each other’s mannerisms, style, or behavior. The act of merging with another is one of the most affirmative patterns of humanity. Although a fairly rare breed, these one-of-a-kind synergisms portray the deep and genuine connection capable in humans, a social theme that often inspires me to photograph. Equally as compelling about this population is precisely how the individuals merge, a range that spans from a mirror reflection to a counterpoint.

Amy Touchette, 2009 (recently updated)






















Other images and interesting projects on Amy Touchette’s website. Amy Touchette is a fine art photographer based in New York City. Her photographs explore social themes in order to make connections and highlight relationships and aim to contribute to a historical documentation. Trained at the International Center of Photography, she began her artistic career as a writer and painter, earning a BA in Literature and Studio Art and an MA in Literature. Currently she works as a teacher’s assistant at the International Center of Photography and as a freelance photography writer. She is represented by June Bateman Fine Art.