Ioana Moldovan – A Different Kind of Story



During the communist regime in Romania, and mostly under Ceausescu’s presidency, a lot of colonies were built. In the mining areas, agricultural and farming ones. People were convinced or even forced to come live in these “communities” and work in the surrounding mines, fields or farms.

The story is not about the colonies during that time. Instead it presents what happened to them after the communism was eradicated. These places were left for ruin, even if people are still living there, trying to make a living the best way they know how.

The focus is mostly on children living in this world of broken promises, poverty and hopelessness. A world you don’t wanna imagine still exists in present times. But it does. A place forgotten by those who should never forget it’s their duty to change things, to make life better for those people.

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More images and other projects can be found on Ioana Moldovan’s website and on her blog. You can also follow her updates on her fresh Facebook Page.
Ioana was also featured on Oitzarisme with Rabbit in your headlights.

“I don’t think that words can say more than images. So I’ll let them talk about me…”