Boryana Katsarova – Freezing



In 2012 extreme weather conditions brought the Bulgarian transport system to a near standstill, heavy snow storms and record-low temperatures have blocked many regions in Bulgaria, as well in the entire European region. The temperatures dropped to around minus 20 Celsius, officials have appealed to people to stay indoors and be careful. Police searched for homeless to make sure they didn’t freeze to death.The exceptionally cold weather and snowstorms that hit Europe in February 2012, caused traffic chaos, road closures, straining emergency services, grounding flights and pushing the death toll past 300 people and left entire villages cut off.
I documented this event in my series ‘Freezing’ capturing the distant stares of passengers frozen behind frosted windows.

Boryana Katsarova















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Boryana Katsarova, born in 1981, is a freelance photographer specializing in documentary, editorial & portrait photography and she is represented by the Paris based COSMOS Photo Agency.