Neta Dror - (This Is Not A) Love Song

Neta Dror – (This Is Not A) Love Song

Neta Dror is a young Israeli photographer currently living in Jerusalem. I met her on Facebook where she sent me a congratulation message for Love Issue and we’ve talked about her Romanian grandfather. Maybe someday she will share his story with all of us. The text below is written by me for the theme of a wonderful online magazine that you are about to rediscover.

Personal playgrounds. People enjoy their solitudes with a peaceful mind. A place with no human contradictions and worries about the weather. The comfort suits everybody carefully. The ideas come with pure joy. Happiness. Youth. Invisible common toys like the bright sun, blue water or a fresh forest. Real toys for them to play with. Shapes, eyes, hands and relations between them. Working offline devices of feelings installed. Ready.


Dror1 Dror2 Dror3 Dror4 Picture 012 Dror6 Dror7 Dror8 


More images on Neta Dror’s website or on her Facebook page.

(This Is Not A) Love Song was featured in AField Magazine as a collaboration project with Oitzarisme. AFIELD is an online visual art magazine that features international artists, it is a bridge linking artists and audiences, a starting point of conversation and is aiming to discover and promote emerging artists of various subcultures. Each issue approaches a new topic and features a mix of local and international artists from different art domains: photography, illustration, painting and others. The topics will address a wide range of interest regarding art and the art world.
They are always looking for fresh art and they are open to any kind of proposals. They invite and encourage you to send them ideas and suggestions reserving their rights to publish only materials that match the theme and magazine standards.

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