Cuvinte pe pelicula – Photo Marathon inspired by Czech Literature

The Czech Centre comes up with a new crazy and interactive project honoring both analog photography and Czech literature.
The result will be exhibition of over 1.000 B&W photos.

Come to the Czech Center on Saturday morning, May 19 at 11.00 with your analog photo camera. You will recive a FOMA, B&W 24 roll film and a short text by Franz Kafka, Bohumil Hrabal, Karel Capek , Václav Havel or other Czech author. Get inspired, build a story according to the text you have recieved and bring us back the exposed film in exactly 24 hours (on Sunday, May 20, between 11.00-12:00). Four days later, on Thursday, May 24 at 18:00 we will stage you an exhibition and a party at Foto Anexa MNAC. The best photo story will be awarded by the Czech Centre with a trip to Prague.

/Applying the method of „First come, first served”, the number of rolls of film is limited to the first 50 participants arriving on May 19 at 11:00/


Event organised by the Czech Centre Bucharest.
Partners: Staropramen, F64, Foto Anexa MNAC, Czech Airlines, Imatech, FOMA, 24FUN.