Marcel Meyer – You Work Where I Live

The series „You Work Where I Live“ uses blurring to make the invisible visible.


Exceptional photographs document the growing anonymity of everyday life and the slow disappearance of the traditional retail sector and its protagonists.

The blurred portrait of a man forces the viewer to perceive the person as a whole.

The “Klarastraße” in Mainz (Germany) contains 22 stores – I have almost needed three years to get to know my neighbors …

It’s a traditional street through and through. There are no chain businesses or profit-optimized branches. Here you will find owner-operated specialty stores. For the people who work here it’s more than a job. They spend much of their lives in this street, and most the stores have been here for generations. However, although the road runs parallel to the pedestrian zone there are almost no walk-in customers. Anyone who buys here will do so primarily because of the people.







“Oh, the pictures are all blurry …”

“Come on, hurry up! Another one.”

“But this is a nice camera. Too bad that it’s broken, the pictures are all blurry.”

“What do you want, a blurry picture of me?”

“Well, that’ll save me the walk to the hairdresser.”

“Yes we do, sharp or unsharp, I do not care. You just go ahead and take your picture.”

“… If you have fun with it.”









More images and other interesting projects on Marcel Meyer’s website.
Marcel studied media arts at the FH Mainz University of Applied Science and photography at the University of Plymouth UK.
Since 2008 Marcel is working part time as animation artist / cameraman and photographer.