Hajdu Tamás – Eastern Block

“Eastern Europe’s backyard is a real mess.”


The paint is falling of the walls; the old epochal cars are disassembled, and disoriented dogs are walking like ghosts through the dirty snow; but let’s not envisage that everything is part of a decaying surreal painting.

There is always somebody that can repaint a chipped wall, and through practical miracles ruined cars can be transformed into brand new ones, total makeovers are still possible with a little bit of imagination.

Hajdu Tamas depicts the everyday life in an eastern European neighborhood, bits and pieces of a decomposing existence with its highs and lows, revealing its dual nature: the laissez-faire attitude complemented by a strong willingness to change its fate.

He does not romanticize the discomposure and the poverty, depicting the raw reality, a gentle, personal, self deprecating approach spiced up with a lot of humor and compassion.























More images on spottr or on Hajdu Tamas’s website.
Hajdu Tamas is a veterinary and photographer, he lives in Baia Mare, he has a beautiful little girl and in his spare time he also takes nice photos of babies.

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