Isabel M. Martinez – Quantum Blink


Isabel M. Martinez is interested in the phenomenological aspects of human experience. Perception is a recurring theme within her practice, and has become a foundation for her to explore the possibilities and limitations of photography. She approaches the medium as a means of visual transcription for ideas reflecting on the notions of time, space, simultaneity, and duration. In doing so, experimentation and process have come to the forefront of much of her work. Non-linear narratives, superpositions and juxtapositions are often employed in the creation of her images; spatio-temporal relations are predominant subjects.”



According to quantum mechanics we have forty conscious moments per second, and our brains connect this sequence of nows to create the illusion of the flow of time. So, what would things look like if that itermittence was made visible? This body of work explores that hiccup, that blink, that ubiquitous fissure in the falling-into-place of things.

In my work I attempt to articulate something in between the freezing of time – that so often characterizes photography – and its relentless passing. I hint towards temporalities that are fluid, speculative, and somewhat loose. I am looking for the line that divides the finite (probability) from the infinite (possibility). If time is a succession of instants, I want to see what lies in between them. I am after the gaps between instants of consciousness.

The photographs in Quantum Blink are composed of two exposures taken instants apart. The striped pattern is the result of masks placed in-camera, this feature allows me to blend two images together and at the same time keep them from fully fusing onto one another. Visually, these works appear to shift and change depending on the distance and the angle from which they are seen; an illusion of volume may become apparent, while other times it may seem as though there are three images at play.

Isabel M. Martinez




Talking Hands







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Isabel M. Martinez spent her formative years in Santiago de Chile and holds a BFA from Universidad Católica de Chile. In pursue of a graduate degree she ventured into Canada and earned an MFA from the University of Guelph.