Petru? Calinescu – Pride and Concrete

“Approximately a quarter of Romania’s population, especially inhabitants from the rural areas, are estimated to have left to work abroad. Transylvania was one of the most isolated and traditionalist corners of Europe. Practicing subsistence agriculture and using archaic methods, the…

Elisabeth Blanchet - Ceausescu's orphans 20 years on

Elisabeth Blanchet – Ceausescu’s orphans 20 years on

“Their saucer-eyes peered out from behind bars, their scrawny bodies were strapped to the beds they slept in. Who could forget the terrible images of the Romanian orphans that stared from newspaper front pages following the fall of the Romanian…

The Death of Youth

The Death of Youth

This project stems from the idea that when a man turns thirty, he reaches a threshold where the possibility of fulfilling youthful fantasies ceases to exist. I have aspired to create a project that not only exemplifies the desires I…

Cristina De Middel - Poly Spam

Cristina De Middel – Poly Spam

Cosmin Motei - Summer Hugs

Cosmin Motei – Summer Hugs

Cosmin Motei has been a staff photographer for Pro Sport daily sports newspaper for 6 years and a contract photographer for Mediafax News Agency in Romania since 2008. He was a participant in the Missouri Photo Workshop in 2009.  

Julia Fullerton-Batten - Mothers and Daughters

Julia Fullerton-Batten – Mothers and Daughters

Julia Fullerton-Batten gets inspiration for her personal work through her observations of everyday life, as well as her love for art, the cinema, and awareness of current sociological trends. She has also found that, subconsciously, much of the subject matter…