Sergey Novikov - FC Volga United

Sergey Novikov – FC Volga United

Sergey Novikov is a Russian photographer from Moscow. This project is about the longest river from Europe, about its landscapes and people who inhabit it.

Alexander Matyukhin, 21, defender
FC “Volga” Zubtsov, Tver region championship, West zone of 2nd division

This story, bordered by river banks, is about the places and people beside the longest European river, the Volga. I looked at them through the prism of soccer that is a common passion here in Russia and particularly in those tiny towns on the Volga. I travelled along the river and watching the games of nine soccer teams who were named after the river. So they are all FC Volga from different Russian regions. I discovered many backgrounds and many interesting personalities.

Eugeny Kudryashov, 20, defender
FC “Volga” Yurevets, Ivanovo region championship, 2nd league
Anton Bobylev, 23, forward
FC “Volga” Ulyanovsk, 2nd division, “Ural-Povolzhie” zone
Maxim Serov, 17, forward
FC “Volga” Puchezh, Ivanovo region championship, 2nd league
Andrey Arlashin, 21, midfielder
FC “Volga” Tver, 2nd division, “West” zone
Maxim Burchenko, 28, midfielder
FC “Volga” Nizhny Novgorod, Premier League

More images from this project on Sergey Novikov’s website.
Also some “spectator’s notes” in Russian and other images with the soccer fields.

There is also a book self-published about this great project.
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