Gabriel Saplon?ai & Lucian Hotoiu – Alienation

Gabriel and Lucian were born in different towns in Transilvania, Romania. They never met while being at home but somehow they ran into each other, few years ago, in Brussels, where the two are currently living. I featured them with La Drag Queen here and on both Oitzarisme and Love Issue #3 with their wonderful project “Costumes of Viflaim”. Few images from this project will be exhibited at Art Truc Troc on 27-29 January at Bozar, Brussels.


This photographic representation of alienation happens in between the borders of human psychical state and of the society, in the obscure realm of uncertainty that favors its presence and growth. Mental and physical loneliness are major components of our life and in many cases dominate it entirely, bringing people to a condition of despair and ugliness. It is a driving force that pushes the human conscience to extremes, emerging a fertile ground for the alienated.A visual tale is depicted, in which the character is disjointed from his own self or from the society, being somehow unable to change that. Through metamorphosis, he becomes an unreal entity with human body and alien head, not aware of its personal transformation.










More images from Alienation and other interesting projects on their website.
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