Valentina Riccardi – NO RENT


“No rent, no power, no faucets, and by choice. Water comes from a well, the washing machine runs with a pedal mechanism, power is a gift from the sun. Not far from drunken British tourists and disco boys and girls full of Ecstasy, there is a different world. It’s Pink Floyd 40 years after, but with a different dream: no more utopia, just life, essential life. During the past century a significant part of the population left the countryside to live in the city. A minority did the opposite and simply went back to the countryside.

They chose to live differently and manage to find satisfaction in their lifes by leading an existence where the highest values are not monetized. I often wondered what it means to live, to make choices and be coherent about your own ideas. I wish to document people and places that represent the lifestyle that I chose and would like to show this minority that decided to leave the struggle of the city, to get closer to the nature.”

Iune, 2011.

At the Font, 2011.


View from the kitchen, 2011

At Cala Compte, 2011.


more images and other interesting projects on Valentina Riccardi’s website; found on Joerg Colber’s blog