Juan Margolles – No Man’s Land

“There are certain areas within cities that seem no more than ordinary places, sometimes abandoned. However, some of these areas carry a special emotional charge that transform them in something else than a physic reality.
In these spaces, took place events of the contemporary history that still linger in the collective memory and prevent the dissociation between place and happenings.

“No Man’s Land” project have been developed in one of these spaces. This work focuses on the portion of land right next to the wall dividing Berlin for nearly three decades which was called “border strip”, although was better known as Death Row or no man’s land. Since 1961 to 1989, its 150 km were converted into an exclusion military zone. Beside watchtowers, there were fences with alarms, and barbed wire and light towers. 136 people died trying to cross it.”







more images and other interesting projects on Juan Margolles’ website; found on Conscientious