Adrian Fisk – iSpeak Global

“For the last few centuries the west has dominated economics, politics and culture. But now there is a shift towards the east, in particular China and India, two countries whose population of 2.7 billion people we know little about.
It is the young Chinese and Indians who will inherit this new found global influence, but who are they and what do they think about life.

I traveled on a 27,500 km journey through China and India to find an answer to this question. I looked for young people aged from 16 – 30 years, gave them a piece of paper and simply told them they could write what ever they wanted to on the piece of paper, I then photographed them holding the paper. The results are fascinating.

This work forms part of my ongoing series iSpeak Global. The project, which is supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), will take me to 25 countries in five continents. By collecting the thoughts of these young people we can enable the transference of ideas. This then helps us work towards creating a better understanding of who the youth are and what they tell us about our future.”

Sheela – 23 yrs.
Gujarat, Hindu, House Maid.
‘I do not like wearing the sari’.

Nadeem Ahmad – 20 yrs.
Muslim, New Delhi, Mathematics BA (Hons).
‘I am belong to Muslim religion in India, so every person think that I am a big terrorist, big fool, big duffer in India. People think that I am not an Indian supporter. So I will leave India after my study’.

Akhilesh Kumar – 20 yrs.
Bihar, Hindu, Unemployed.
‘Because I am unemployed I roam around with other boys, so people call me a vagrant. This makes me sad’.

Bharati – 23 yrs.
Bombay, Muslim, Prostitute, Has one child and is pregnant with another.
Illiterate – ‘Like you, we need the same things in life’

Rainbow Su – 22 Yrs.
Guangdong Province, Student software engineering.
‘I am worrying something. Girls in China is becoming materialistic, without house my girlfriend would not marry me. My parents cannot help me either. So I need to get good job with high payment, that’s what I totally want’.

Jia Jia – 25 Yrs.
Guangxi Province, (Day) Mobile phone after sales service / (Evening) Studying marketing management / (Night) Professional nightclub dancer.
‘Now days many young people do not care about the development of China and the world. They only care about themselves and ignore other people and things around them’.

Yang Long Long – 30 Yrs.
Gansu Province, Farmer.
Illiterate – ‘When I go to the big city I feel like I don’t know anything’.

Xie Xin – 21 Yrs.
Guangxi Province, Student of business management in Beijing but learning english in Guangxi.
‘If we consume all our energy, how can mankind live in this world’.

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