Jonathan Cherry – Rohini and his inspirational blog Mull It Over

“I was in India for only two weeks & the majority of that time was spent in the 30-year-old sub city of Delhi called Rohini. It was a fascinating place to stay & apart from feeling a little out of place Rohini offers a beautiful sense of community. I was drawn into photographing the people of Rohini because of their openness. One wet and humid afternoon I walked to the nearest park where I watched some local boys play cricket. Within 5 minutes of being sat on a bench I was surrounded by 20 boys wanting to know where I had come from and what my name was. It was an interesting scenario because after these two questions we sat in silence for many minutes simply looking at each other. Experiencing their intrigue from my point of view was something I decided to use within my photography. By pointing my Hasselblad at people I no longer became the focus but my subject was drawn into the spotlight. It was an interesting dynamic and I plan to explore it further.”







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