Pablo Chignard – Salaires moldaves and his great blog with life in Moldova

“In Moldova, the average salary for 2010 was 175 euros monthly (National Bureau of Statistics from Moldova). One bedroom apartment in the capital of Moldova can be rented from 150 to 200 euros and the charges for heating can reach more than half of a monthly rent.

Retirees, often older, continue to work to supplement their retirement. The vast majority of Moldovans has a family in the countryside where 50% of the labor force works in agriculture. Fruits, vegetables and meat come in big cities to help families. Moldovans also rely on foreign currency sent from abroad by over more than 500 thousands Moldovans who have migrated. In 2010, approximately 900 million euros have officially passed by banks to Moldova.

At the Ethnography and Natural History Museum from Chisinau, the capital Moldova capital, the salaries vary by rank, between 50 and 187 euros.”

Maria Grigoria Luca, 85.
Supervisor. Salary : 800 lei per month, equals 50 euros.

Ghenadie Popescu, 39.
Restaurateur. Salary: 1700 lei per month, equals 106 euros.

Maria Godorozea, 50.
Vivarium’s manager. Salary: 1300 lei per month, equals 81 euros.

Dumitru Madam, 72.
Security manager. Salary: 1000 lei per month, equals 62 euros.

Nadia Serghi, 53.
Library manager. Salary: 1500 lei per month, equals 94 euros.

Sergiu Pana, 32.
Natural Sciences manager. Salary: 1500 lei per month, equals 94 euros.

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