ArtClue – Summer 2011

ArtClue’s editorial team is proud to announce the 1st English version of our International Contemporary Art Magazine. Our magazine sets a milestone for Eastern Europe’s contemporary features, promoting and encouraging the artistic practice of the Balkan Area.

We have started to build a creative link between the protagonists of the cultural society, gathering together artists, curators and galleries of the contemporary artistic movements.

ArtClue Magazine’s 5th issue is dedicated to media arts (video art, installations, conceptual art, photography) and it shapes up a dialog area between different European cultures (Romanian, Czech, Serbian, Polish). The Eastern Europe’s distinctive issues are emphasized by the confrontation of 2 different artistic models coming from complementary regions: the Occident and the Orient (Teresa Huertas from Portugal and Tets Ohnari from Japan).

Is the art of Eastern European countries part of the same artistic ideation or is it a fabricated concept? This is one of the questions that this issue of ArtClue Magazine intends to answer through the approaches of renown artists (Irina Botea and Patricia Teodorescu from Romania) or curators (Petr Valer from the Czech Republic and Dobrila Denegri from Poland).

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