Brandon Tauszik – Pray for Mercy


On May 21st, 2011 a wave of great earthquakes will occur, like none our planet has ever witnessed. These will begin the process of the rapture; as the chosen elect are taken up from the world to meet the Lord in the air and be forever with God. All who are without salvation will be left behind. Five months later on October 21st, God will destroy the earth and all of the remaining people…

“With this message Harold Camping has reached millions of people worldwide. Leader of the Oakland based organization Family Radio, Camping’s prediction was backed by a global TV & radio network, countless evangelizers, and thousands of billboards.

I spent the weeks before May 21st with Camping and his congregation. When I asked what to do about my impending judgement, I was told to pray for mercy.”

A Sunday service lead by Harold Camping commences at the Veterans Memorial Building outside Oakland.

The Oakland base of Family Radio is the source of all billboards and literature seen worldwide.

Family Radio is a non-denominational network. However, Camping was a member of the Reformed Church until 1988.
Family Radio broadcasts their programming internationally via shortwave radio and four satellites. It is translated into over fifty languages including Polish and Somali. In 2007, their net assets were at approximately $152 million.

Camping is 89 years old. 18 years ago he realized that Biblical evidence pointed to 2011 for the rapture.
He prepares for Open Forum, a live talk-telephone program broadcast daily on radio and TV.

The Open Forum live studio audience.

After his last sermon on May 15th, Camping and his wife Shirley enjoy a final meal with the congregation. I paid a visit to Camping’s home just before 11PM on May 20th, when the first earthquakes were to begin near Australia.

I paid another visit to Camping’s home on the morning of Sunday the 22nd. This time he was there.

Harold Camping speaks at home 5/22 by Brandoom

Members of Camping’s congregation wait outside the empty church building on Sunday, May 22nd.

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