Ed Smith – Women of WW2

Sheila Ellis – A Land Army girl through the war, Sheila held onto a lot of memorabilia and has since presented talks about life in the
Land Army.

Betsy Simeones – Joined the WRNS in 1941 and trained as an air to sea bomb range marker.
She went on to train flight observers around the country.

Trixie Duke – Lathe operator in a munitions factory in Bristol.

Ella Marshall – Spent a short time in the land army before working in a factory making uniforms for injured soldiers.

Gwen Reding – Covert radar operator in the WAAF, worked in a bunker to give warning of incoming raids.
Based at Bawdsey Manor, Felixtowe.

Mickie Bowman – Land Girl driver who always had the earliest start and latest finish as she had to pick up and then drop off workers each day. Also played a role in the ‘lend a hand on the land’ program immediately after the war.

more images and other interesting projects on Ed Smith’s website; found on Dead Porcupine