Marian Pîslaru – No sun for me, please!

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“The city and our jobs keep us moving, they are part of our life, but at the same time they weaken us and eventually they kill us. Once in a while we have to take a break, how else but running as far as we can of these two murderers. Nature will always receive us with open arms. But we don’t want it. We don’t want to listen to the waves, the wind or the seagulls, we turn on the music so loud we don’t even hear the person sitting next to us. We don’t want the sand tickle our toes or massage our back, we sit on a plastic board instead. We don’t want to be purified by the water of the sea, we go to the pool; at the seaside! We don’t want to be warmed and tanned by the sun, but we go to tanning salons and then take shelter from the sun under umbrellas. Strange creatures, aren’t we?

Mamaia, Romania. 2011″







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