Niv Rozenberg – Automonuments

“Whether natural, urban or suburban, the space that we live in fascinates me; I explore, photograph and intervene within it. My photographs are the representation of these investigations of my surroundings. In the series “Automonuments” I was interested in high-rise buildings, and specifically skyscrapers as a phenomenon of modern life. I used photography to isolate city’s fragments and reorder them as my constructed vision. Digital manipulation of the buildings allowed me to create an archetypal form, isolated from function and separated from the city’s total urban structure. Duplicating and stitching one level of a building to another emphasize the uniformity not just within the architectural structure but also with its inhabitants. By reconstructing the urban environment and creating an impossible view on our surroundings, the work presents the disappearance of the human within modern life. ”







more images and other interesting projects on Niv Rozenberg’s website;
found via Feature Shoot