Katie Shapiro – 35 years


“As a photographer I am looking for the truth. My work investigates the home and the way people fit into their environments. I am interested in human relationships and finding visual representations to stand in for what cannot be said, but can be felt. Tension and complex dynamics are what intrigue me about people and what push me to make images. Within the tension, lies truth. In 35 Years, the work I did on my parents, I was photographing them in the way I saw them functioning in their relationship at the time. I saw them living in the same place, but in separate worlds. I chose to photograph them in the same positions, but alone, a way to demonstrate their distant dynamic. At the time the photographs were made, they had been together for 35 years. Today, 5 years later, they are now divorced.”

Kitchen diptych

Watching the big screen

Living room diptych

Mirror portrait

My living room diptych


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