Michele Bressan - Waiting 4 the Drama

Michele Bressan – Waiting 4 the Drama

“Waiting for the drama’ looks into the rigor that appears when emotional stimuli are suspended. The time between two drama screenings is used to create a personal scenario, while the images extracts the affective remains of the cinema’s transitory space, recorded by the space’s memory and coming both from the projection and the viewers.

The cinema is revealed as container of emotional impressions, exposing its content once the activity stops. This intentional depriving of impulse results in strict, even so elaborate images. What is shown is an accurate austerity, signaling the absence of interaction and in the same time a forthcoming event.

The cinemas which were subject to documentation, all property of the state, have lost the audience from their best times to alternative entertainment spaces. They are being forgotten or are undergoing uncertain change in status.”

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other images and interesting projects on Michele Bressan’s website; found via Andreea Cioran