Joseph Fox – Time of the Tide

“Coastal defences have been constructed in Britain since Roman times, to protect human settlements from the onslaught of high seas and relentless rolling waves. However, it is now increasingly recognized that these defences are economically unsustainable. The Government’s policy change from its previous ‘Hold-the line’ stance, in which defences were to be maintained and land protected, to a new ‘Managed realignment‘ policy that lets Coastal erosion take its natural course. As a result this has left people living on the edge of Britain with little choice but to abandon their homes or await the inevitable. This project documents the places, and people that live at the mercy of Mother nature. The images are designed to illustrate the feeling of impending catastrophe that surrounds these areas of England’s East Coast. Every week that I visit these places more people have left and more homes have vanished into the sea. One night, in Suffolk, the water took up to 50 meters of land destroying thousands of pounds worth of crops and leaving a house, which once seemed secure, in peril.”







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