Ovidiu Gordan – Remains


“The idea came from my fascination on abandoned things and neglected spaces. As the oblivion is essential for me, in this project I wanted to visually illustrate an ignored area of ​​our society.

In the spring of 2008 I was living in a poor student’s house in Cluj and the shortest way to the bus station was thought abandoned places with gas pipes and concrete fences. Passing by thought these places, I started to photograph them. Later I realized that I have to photograph these residues with color and more details. I borrowed a Seagull camera and shot with a better image resolution and a higher quality. Then I started to look after photo-subjects around the city, in the train-station area, behind the building blocks or in the Hebrew Cemetery. In the summer vacation I continued the project in my native city Simleul Silvaniei where I’ve looked for subjects in the abandoned city factories. For a total coverage of this project I also photographed the rural area from Salaj and Bihor. I continued until the summer of 2009.”