Lucian Hotoiu & Gabriel Saplon?ai – La Drag Queen and and previously featured

“The drag queens are usually men who dress like women, acting and looking as a female caricature. The general belief is that these characters are gay men or transsexuals, when in fact that is not true. They can be people of both genders, heterosexuals who dress like that for different and various reasons. They are part of western gay culture. Many drag queens perform for personal reason, as a hobby or to express a form of art. There are some, which are doing it as a profession. Their clothes are extravagant, exaggerating everything related to their overall looks, for dramatic, satiric or comic purpose.

In this short photo-project, we depict few of the drag queens on the streets of Brussels, City which sometimes can be really surprising. The event where we photographed them was the Pride Parade 2011, for which they represent a major source of creativity. The drag queens are not weird, they are just another form of creative expression.”







more images on their websites; they also have a Facebook page called We Are Tourists that you have to follow