Gordon Stettinius - Gord is Dead

Gordon Stettinius – Gord is Dead


“These images are drawn loosely from a larger diaristic body of work entitled Gord Is Dead. These photos then, are a medley of a sort. In my life, there are children and loved ones and juice spills and helium voices. Just beneath the surface though, is sentimentality and concern and, of course, some unsightly weight gain and then probably incontinence. I try to make sense of little things all the time but the big picture, a life in photographs, seems to stew itself up nicely when I don’t think so much. Even with this statement, trying to honor the opportunity to show my work, I tried the straight statement version, all strident musings and smart sounding slapdash and lo but it only reads dry and cerebral like. So much talk about elemental symbolism. But really you either bring interpretations to the work or you don’t. My hope is that the images are evocative of response in and of themselves. For me, really I make a lot of pictures which sort of cavort among themselves, saying different things depending upon the time of day and the number of taverns they have plundered. As the images mingle through the modern miracle of editing, they create various undertones and arrive at all manner of daunting syllogisms. Hopefully.”

Self Portrait with Murphy

Things of Beauty

Down Home

Tabb’s Birthday

Self Portrait with Megan


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