Michela Palermo - My Broken World

Michela Palermo – My Broken World


“I was born in 1980 in a small village in the south of Italy. Six months later a terrible earthquake shook the region: it was November 23rd, 7.34 p.m. when the earth quivered for 90 seconds in Irpinia valley, Basilicata and Alto sele. I have no memory of the event, at the same time I grew up in a sort of broken world, where everything was drifting in a new direction in order to respond the aftermath.

Since the 80’ a huge amount of money was given by the Italian government for the reconstruction, about 26 million Euro where donated in a period of 30 years. Although there has never been a real progress: the bad management of the resources, added to the impact of globalization and of the recession that hit Italy in the past few years, marked the definitive failure of the model that didn’t dialogue with the local communities or developed the local resources.

My work would raise questions about the development of the region, the cost of a process of modernization, the impact on the environment, giving voice to what speak to me.

I will assemble a poetic journey, fascinating myself for what was in my past and is standing by in my present. Responding visually to what will appeal to me it would be a way to take a look deeper, looking for what lie behind the images.”







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