Andrei Fãrcãºanu – Their New Country and soon on

“I like working with people, travel and discover personal stories of people around the world. I am a Ph.D student in Photography at the National University of Arts in Bucharest and I am founding member of two performing art groups: PULS 1000 and DESDEDA. I am interested in social psychology, public art and how people interact and live together, I also run different projects for integration and freedom of speech.

The main subject of ‘Their New Contry’ project are the ‘Modern Europe’ immigrants and investigates their integration activities in France and Spain. In Rennes, I met a small, united group of Chechens who asked for political asylum from their country and hope that the violence will have an end there to return home someday. I was very impressed by their welcoming and they told me about their most important values: language, family and religion.”


The Professor knows only Chechen language and he was a school principal back home. He teaches Chechen in an improvised classroom and the animals manual from his hand is 100 years old and inherited from his father, also a teacher.


The Professor is a jovially man and proud of his top of the forms pupils. He lost two militant boys in Chechen war and the school is his only way of revenge against destiny.


The star means the highest grade with greetings!

For the entire story of how Andrei was invited to take dinner with their Chechen relatives and other interesting projects, visit Andrei’s website.