Egyed Ufó Zoltán - Village Beauty

Egyed Ufó Zoltán – Village Beauty

“This is a project about the most beautiful girls of different Transylvanian villages, in their rooms. The selection of the beauties was made by the local community, by secret voting, and does not necessarily reflect the taste of the photographer. Every girl had a half an hour before the shooting, to dress up as she wants and clean her room.”

Zoltan1Gal Edith Bella, beauty of Pãnet, Mures

Zoltan2Balaj Erzsebet, beauty of Atea village, Satu Mare

Zoltan3Kovacs Csilla, beauty of Coltesti village, Alba

Zoltan4Fekete Ottilia, beauty of Cîmpulung la Tisa village, Maramures.

Zoltan5Adamik Ioana, beauty of Sînpaul village, Arad

Zoltan6Madalina and Raluca Taropa, beauties of Cris, Mures

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