Joanna Ornowska – Couples and her inspirational blog

“Beginning a new relationship is like standing at the bottom of a mountain. No matter how hard you try to prepare yourself, you will never predict everything. You have to be prepared for the person you scarcely knew at the trailhead to make you frustrated, angry, resentful, embarrassed, happy, grateful and dizzily in love. Also remember that things that you see on your way do not vanish, they just constantly move in front of your eyes. They might wane, but are still there.”

Christie & Joseph

Claire & Donatas

“We met at work, he didn’t speak very good English but we had chemistry from the start. It was exhausting trying to chat when we first met, we would use a mixture of speaking, actions and internet translation so we knew if we were willing to put in that amount of effort then it was probably worth it. I met him just before my dad died and he has been my pillar of strength since then. We love staying in eco friendly old shacks and places in the middle of nowhere in Wales, we like to get away from it all, build fires and chat till late at night with a bottle of wine while spending time together. This photo was taken at the very end of the 3 peaks challenge, we had been awake for 27 hours and were looking forward to a bbq and nursing our aching muscles!”

Noeleen & Andy

Bill & Linda

“We first met many years ago in 1969 and when Linda married she married my then good friend Ted and I was the ‘best man’ at their wedding. The marriage didn’t last though and Linda and I became closer as friends and eventually moved in together in 1973 with her first child by her marriage (Lisa). Many years later we finally married in 1998 and have been together all these years, lovers, husband and wife, good mates and companions. We have both been vegetarians for over 20 years and Linda works for HIND (mental health) while I work as a Social Worker at my local authority in Dudley. We have seen some bad times (when we have had no money) and had some good times on hols, Rome, Canada, Venice, Florence, and we have completed some interesting walks (Coast to Coast in England, South Downs Way (England) and in Austria. When you met us we were doing the walk up and down Snowdon as it was my 60th birthday that day and we thought, why not climb a mountain?”

Luke & Annmarie

Faye & David

“Myself and Faye have been together since April this year. I have fallen head over heels in love with her. In my previous relationships I have never felt so comfortable with someone so quickly as I have with Faye. As I have got to know her over the past few months one of the most attractive things I find about her (excluding physical attraction of course) is her selflessness and compassion for others. How she always has time for other people when she doesn’t have time for herself. I think this is a fantastic and extremely rare quality in anyone.”

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