Kerry Mansfield – Aftermath; winner of the Frist Prize on WorldWide Photography Gala Awards.

During the past several years San Francisco-based Photographer Kerry Mansfield has seen her artwork expand to a larger photographic audience. Her Borderline series is the culmination of seven years of work exploring the synergy between indoor and outdoor spaces. While Kerry’s series “Aftermath” departs from her traditional subject matter, the connection between space and body remains. Aftermath chronicles her 2 year battle with breast cancer in a series of self portraits that explore the meaning of the body as both a canvas and a distinctive moment in time.

“As a photographer, I’ve spent most of my career looking deeply into the spaces we inhabit. The idea of Home – what it meant and how it felt, preoccupied my thinking. Almost all my pictures were of the spaces we live in or the things we live with. But at the age of 31, a diagnosis of breast cancer forced me to redefine my ideas of home.

Mansfield1 Mansfield2

Needless to say it came as quite a shock. I had exercised and eaten correctly, and like many of my age, I felt indestructible, never thinking the most basic of dwellings could be lost. Faced with the nihilistic process of radical chemotherapy and surgery, my ideas of “where” I exist turned inward. As the doctors, with their knives and chemistry broke down the physical structure in which I lived, the relationship between the cellular self and the metaphysical self became glaringly clear. My body may not be me, but without it, I am something else entirely. I knew that my long held image of myself would be shattered. What would emerge would be a mystery.

Mansfield3 Mansfield4

It was in that spirit of unknown endings, that I picked up my camera to self document the catharsis of my own cancer treatment.  No one was there when these pictures were made, just my dissolving ideas of self and a camera. And what began as a story that could have ended in many ways, this chapter, like my treatment, has now run its course. While I can’t say everything is fine now, I will say, “These are the images of my Home – as it was then”, and with a little luck, there will be no more to come.”

Mansfield5 Mansfield6

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