Bogdan Gîrbovan – Chambre d’Amis and previously featured.

“Urban architecture no longer preserves the element so common in older and rural (still) architecture: the guest room. If other spaces in the house may be arranged to serve needs of comfort and utility, the guest room speaks best of the owner’s options and ideas of beauty, of local customs and present times. The Chambre d’amis series was shot in houses from South Romania, in villages along the Danube, which were extremely traditional until recently. Locally, the guestroom is literally called ‘the good room’, suggesting its importance to the family.
The images in the series illustrate the chaotic mix of traditional and modern furniture, decorations, home appliances &c. In some of the rooms, the only hint of the rural location is the proud owner wearing the typical dress in a countryside household. In Chambre d’amis modernization and urbanization can mean an absence of d’amis, as we can see some of the guest rooms turning into storage spaces.”







Bogdan Gîrbovan and Michele Bressan will be exhibited from today at the new gallery from Paris “Rue de l’Exposition” presented by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

“Motivated by their widely acclaimed Photo Month exhibitions in November 2010 (“Bucharest, the unloved”, “Don’t turn your Head”), the Institute’s Director Katia Danila has decided to open a new space devoted entirely to photography. Not just any photography: Militant, social, sociological, and anthropological. She will be offering “debates, revealing and relating hidden truths”. The exhibitions will have a central theme, highlighting aspects of Romanian and other societies.”

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