Gabriela Herman – Bloggers

I blog. I read blogs. A lot of them. Blogs have become my go-to source for information, they feed me, they comfort me. Today, bloggers are undeniably widely regarded within their industries and have become our new decision makers, showcasing, analyzing and filtering for us.
While it is heavily debated how technology isolates us, there are also many upsides to this evolution. I believe bloggers are connecting us, bringing us closer. In fact, in some ways bloggers are helping create a reverse wave in our technological age creating an authentic exchange between blogger and reader. Bloggers allow for an interactive platform, a two way dialogue that allows for both online and offline relationships to form.It is through our screens, these beacons of light, that the world opens up and we become connected, literally linked to one another. I began photographing bloggers with this idea in mind, giving you a peak into their inside world, using their screens as the sole light source. Originally, I had the idea that I would start with one blogger and would get them to recommend the next subject from someone on their blogroll so that in the same way that their blogs are linked to each other online, the photos would be linked to each other in the series. Similarly executing the online idea offline, in the act of shooting, I am recreating the relationship between blogger and reader as I, the photographer, am able to see these bloggers while shooting, yet they cannot see me.
By looking at connectivity in this digital age and bringing the intimate worlds of bloggers to the outside public, I am looking at how we live and spend our time, rethinking how we now experience the world.